2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jun 19, 2024  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

German Minor

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The German minor is designed for students who want to study the German language and culture of German-speaking countries to meet the growing demand for specialists with language skills and intercultural expertise in the fields of commerce, technology, education, government, etc. Given the economic, cultural, and technological importance of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the German language is of great significance in international relations.

Students can combine a minor in German with a major in almost any field to increase competitive edge in the professional environment. This is especially pertinent to history majors. Some electives come from the Department of History, which offers courses relevant to the German minor.

The German minor is intended for both heritage speakers and non-native speakers of German to provide proficiency in written and spoken German as well as broad understanding of Germanic culture, society, and history. An elective for the minor may be met through study abroad.

The German minor at Coastal Carolina University requires a minimum of 18 credit hours above the 115 level. The following courses are required.

Program Requirements (18-23 Credits)

Prerequisite (0-5 Credits)

Complete the following:

German Minor Electives (12 Credits)

  • Complete 12 hours of additional credits at the 200 level or above in courses with a GERM or LIS prefix. For LIS courses to count towards the German minor, students must co-enroll in GERM 301L.
  • Students may substitute up to three (3) hours of coursework in History for the 12 hour elective requirement by choosing one course from the following:
  • HIST 307  - European History (1848-1914) 
  • HIST 310  - History of Berlin: Landscape and Memory
  • HIST 326  - History of Germany Since 1870


Other appropriate courses may count towards the minor at the discretion of the minor adviser.

Total Credits Required: 18-23

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